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An information sheet for new students and parents.

Private Voice Class  with me basically consists of two equally important elements: exercises and songs. Students are expected to give both these their full attention, and practice AT LEAST three times a week, on songs AND exercises, but much better daily. For the first few weeks, I concentrate mainly on exercises and theory, as this can help establish a solid basis for good technique. Posture, breathing and some strange sounding vocal exercises are the starting point.

Each student will need to purchase a USB that has 38 tracks of demonstrations, exercises and information. I make this USB (or CD if preferred) available at a very reasonable price of $10 my students, and you can use it long after you have finished lessons with me as a warm-up and a work-out. Bring your USB to class every week for new material- songs lyrics and exercises.

At the start of each school term I give students an invoice, which explains where and how to pay fees, lists how many lessons will be given, and the cost of each. Fees should be paid as promptly as possible at the start of each term
You pay me directly (not at the office) at the start of each school term for (usually) 10 lessons. Classes may be
taken in Private for 30 minute @ $29 or Private Paired 30 minute @ $19 each.

Please Note- If you intend having paired lessons, you usually need to find a partner yourself, and I strongly suggest only sharing with someone who has very similar skill level to you.

We will find you the right time for your weekly singing lesson, during class time or after school, or at lunch or recess, and you come at that same time every week. If you have a conflict- excursion, exam, illness, holidays etc PLEASE let me know, so I'm not sitting around waiting for you, and i can give your time to someone else that week.

At the end of terms two and term four we have The Singersí Night in the school auditorium at night, to which of course parents and friends are most cordially invited. Itís a chance for you to show off all your new skills so your family and friends to see how youíve developed. Itís also a great opportunity for you to take a song from rehearsal to performance in front of an appreciative audience. There is much to be learned from this process. Parents love to see what all that time, effort and money is going into. In term three we go to a recording studio and make our 'Class of 2016" CD. Very good fun, and a wonderful keepsake for students and families.

If you are unable to attend your lesson, it is your obligation to contact me to make other arrangements. I can usually reschedule lessons, and I can always move your lesson time if I have notice. Itís no fun sitting and waiting for a student who is not coming to class when others are waiting for my time. Unfortunately, you will be charged for a lesson you did not have. Take time to write down my contact numbers from the music notice board. With all the methods of contact- mobile, landline, facebook, text
Email me, ask someone to tell me- really?? NO EXCUSES!

Feel free to contact me by email or phone any time with any questions you may have. I am always happy to speak to parents about the progress of students (or whatever!).

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