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The most perfect, unique gift,

your very own

Personalised Recording

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Make the moment truly touching and thoroughly memorable by choosing a personlised recording for a Birthday, Wedding, Christening, Celebration of Life or any special occasion

Talented, and multi award winning vocalist, pianist and composer, Di Solomon will produce a recording that’s sure to be the perfect gift, for even the most impossible  person to buy a special gift for.

Truly the gift for the person who has everything


Several kinds to choose from

A Song For You - Romance

* We take your favourite romantic song, perform it just the way you want it, or we strip it down to just piano and vocal, together with your ideas, we change some of the lyrics to suit your situation, like a special birthday, marriage proposal or anniversary, a special thank you,

or of course a personalised Wedding Song

* A Father and Daughter Wedding Dance, with Dad and the Bride’s name included in the song- performed live at the Reception, and/or as a produced CD as an incredible keepsake


* For the ULTIMATE present, you may like to go all-out and have Di Solomon compose an original song based around the story of your own romance. You tell Di your story and she will craft something very special indeed- a slow, romantic song, an upbeat, funny or cute if you prefer- song that is uniquely all about you

A Song For You - Relax

A guided mediation relaxation session, with ambient original music composed by Di Solomon, and the content to be personalised for you, or your chosen one

Choose a meditation type and your affirmations

Mediation Types

* work desk break (6 or 12 minutes)

* morning meditation with your choice of affirmations (20min)

* bedtime relaxation to inspire a great nights sleep (20 min)

*daytime energiser  (15 min)


A Song For You - Random

Here’s a few examples of random things we have created for clients-


* “Bob The Builder” changed to “Jeff The Geographer” for a staff farewell slide show, using staff names and the guy’s quirks

* A very personal version of an old country song “One Day at a Time” for a funeral service, using the man’s name, with a printed CD for his lovely Widow to keep

* A Father and Daughter Wedding Dance, with the Dad and Bride’s name included in the song- performed live at the Reception, and as a produced CD as a keepsake

* A Christening Song “I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You” with a special welcome message, performed live at the Christening, with a produced CD as a keepsake for baby

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Rates and Terms

We require at least 2 weeks notice, although we do prefer a month or more if possible, to ensure the best end product, but please do ask if you’re in a hurry, as sometimes we can do something for you within a day.

Original compositions are around $1200, but most productions are around $500,  of course the more complex the project, the more time must be taken. We will give a quote and stay within that budget for your recording.  We present you with a custom printed, gift-wrapped CD for you to give as your gift, with the track also emailed to you and/or placed on a memory stick.

Original compositions by Di Solomon remain the copyright possession of Ms Solomon. If the client directly writes sections of lyrics, a percentage of the ownership will be negotiated

 When we use a song composed by someone other than Di Solomon that CD is marked ‘not for public broadcast, demonstration CD only’ and a small royalty fee will be paid to the copyright owner